Date Location Driver Driver Country Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
April 17, 1920 Daytona Tommy Milton USA Duesenberg
2 8-cyl in-line
IC 156.047 mph   On his attempt vehicle caught fire and was unable to make 2nd pass, so he kept the land speed record in the US

Tommy Milton designed and built this car which had two 300 cu. inch Duesenbergs mounted side by side, each driving through a separate clutch and drive shaft.

Final work was to be completed at Daytona by his staff of mechanics including Jimmy Murphy while Milton went to Havana for a race. Upon his return Milton heard that Murphy had broken DePalma's record in his car. Milton fired Murphy and rebuilt the engines that had been damaged by sand and salt.

On April 27, 1920 with flames and smoke pouring through the lovers Milton held his foot to the floor and set a new world record of 156.047 mph.