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Land Speed Racing America

Dry-lake racing before and immediately after World War II was likely the purest form of automotive motorsports. The comparatively loose rules fostered a sort of run-what-you-brung movement; if someone wanted to prove their ideas, the unsupervised lakebeds northeast of Los Angeles were the greatest places to do it.

The Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) established four distinct classes upon its creation in November 1947

  • cars with very large-displacement or supercharged engines ran in the unlimited class
  • ones with purpose-built aerodynamic bodies ran as streamliners
  • stripped-down topless production cars ran as roadsters
  • and cars with highly modified roadster bodies fell into modified, a class that sort of bridged the roadsters and streamliners.

These pages are simply my collection of information and photos about one of my great interests, I'm constantly looking for new content and rather than just reference what I find I choose to retain a copy for my own use as I'm very much aware of the temporary nature of anything published on the Internet. I make no claim to any of the text or images and full copyright remains with the originator. Where possible I will make a reference to the source if I can determine the original source.

I'm also a hot rodder and the web master and Newsletter Editor for the Dry Lakes Racers Australia, the offical organisation for Land Speed Racing in Australia.

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