Spirit of Rett streamliner


Date Location Driver Vehicle Power Speed over
1 Km
Speed over
1 Mile
September 21, 2010   Bonneville Salt Flats, USA   Charles E. Nearburg Spirit of Rett streamliner IC General Motors V8   414.477
Non-supercharged piston-engine record[2] Group II, Class 11:[4]

Land speed record for normally aspirated vehicle broken, and some other incredible accomplishments too, by The Spirit of Rett

1.Fastest single engine car record in history 414.316 MPH (and only 3mph less than the absolute fastest "real car" record of 417.020 MPH held by Tom Burkland)
2.Fastest normally aspirated car in history (Broke 45 year old record set by Summer's Bros. "Goldenrod" on Nov 12, 1965)
3.First and only un-blown single engine car over 400 MPH
4.First and only car to ever set two over 300 MPH records in one day
5.First and only car to ever hold all four of the fastest un-blown records at Bonneville at the same time! A/FS 348.524 MPH, A/GS 350.728 MPH, AA/GS 368.136 MPH, AA/FS 392.503 MPH
6.First and only car to ever hold the two fastest un-blown FIA records at the same time

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett Tech Specs

FIA Records:

Group II, Class 11   414.316 MPH (Current official Land Speed Record)
Group II, Class 10   366.594 MPH

SCTA Records:

AA/FS     392.503 MPH    (AA/ Fuel Streamliner)
A/FS       379.606 MPH     (A/ Fuel Streamliner)
AA/GS    368.136 MPH     (AA/ Gas Streamliner)
A/GS      353.825 MPH     (A/ Gas Streamliner)

Best Performance:

422.645 MPH flying mile one way


Charles Nearburg

Car Owners:

Charles and Rett Nearburg


Reher-Morrison (Brad Morgan) DRCE 2 (Drag Race Competition Engine)
523 cubic inches for AA/ Unlimited Class
483 cubic inches for A/ Class
1182 HP @ 8500 RPM,  2.26 HP per cubic inch
820 lb-ft torque @ 6900 on gasoline
1700 HP with gasoline and Speedtech NO2,  3.25 HP per cubic inch


2-1150CFM Holley Dominator carburetors on a sheet metal tunnel ram manifold


Tubular steel -combination of .120-wall 1-5/8 DOM and 4130 chrome-moly
Length:           33.4′
Width:              31″
Height:            33.2″
Wheelbase:   222″
Weight:           4017 lbs.
Solid front axle
Suspended rear axle, 4-link suspension, Watt’s link, coil over shocks, anti-roll bar and travel limiter system

Center Section:

24.5 x 7.50 X 16 Mickey Thompson Land Speed Tireson Taylor steel racing wheels Inflation pressure:    90 psi

Phoenix Engineering quick change housing, 10 spline drop gears feeding a 1.50:1 ring and pinion on a custom made spool.


Liberty Performance Products,  Equilizer 5-speed


Twin DJ safety parachutes, 40 lbs. of on-board fire agent

Data Acquisition:

Race Pac SD 300


Lee Ryan – Crew Chief
Roine Andersson
Ed Stuck
Scott Sargent
Rick Cameron


Chuck Horrell

Design Fabrication and Support:

Richard Nauert
Bob Hansen
Kebin Kinsley
Tom Brown
Mark Nearburg

Spirit of Rett

Spirit of Rett